QueenBee Debbie

I’m the QueenBee and the very first lady in chief over at www.SheMakesTheRules.com (SMTR) and the lifestyle coach at www.QueenBeesCoaching.com (QBC) . SMTR is the main site connected to this blog, my first passion and my vision.  QBC allows me do what I do best; coaching men and women to develop a healthy lifestyle where she-makes-the-rules.

www.SheMakesTheRules.com is my way to follow my passion, teaching strong women that they can be powerful and still remain true to themselves. The woman, the site and everything connected with it have come to be amazing blessings in my life. Finding and developing this passion has been a journey which is continuing to this day.

From my own real life experience in the Pacific NW, I saw a gap in real expectations of ‘female domination’ between the BDSM ‘scene’, the bedroom and day-to-day life. I felt that there was no further need for yet another website about BDSM or female domination. That field is well covered, with many variations to the theme. However, there was a real need for a website dedicated to how to live life every single day in an Female Led Relationship (FLR).  My first online forum was the Venus-On-Top (VoT) discussion group. This group showed me what that I was right and showed me what I could provide. A website for relationships centered around strong women leading their man and their family. Real lives and real relationships on a daily basis, with or without kink, and where there is no one true way to live our lifestyle. This insight formed the basis from where I developed my internet brain child and passion; SMTR. The site was launched in 2008 and was and is very successful to this date.

Since its inception SMTR has provided support for our target audience; strong women. A site where woman can become verified, so that all know that they are talking to a real woman. The site is not only for woman though, it also provides support for the men who love these wonderful women and the families they share. Unexpectedly, it did not only provide support for others. The interactions on the site also taught me a thing or two about myself. I learned about my own strong points. I learned that I am very skilled in working with singles and couples working towards a healthy FLR lifestyle. Developing this strong point further is why I am venturing further onto my chosen path. I have become a lifestyle coach, working with people all over the world. In order to develop this branch of my passion I have since developed www.QueenBeesCoaching.com So far this new venture too has been fun and very fulfilling.

It just goes to show that once you find your passion, you live your work and don’t mind at all!


2 thoughts on “QueenBee Debbie

  1. Hi, Since the new SMTR site has launched I cannot log in. My username is ‘londonlad’. I cannot remember my password, have tried the password reminder option but have not received any email. I have also tried reregistering using a different email but have not received an activation message.

    • Steve, you should have received an email from me regarding your account issues. I’m hoping you were able to successfully sign in. Not only did we transfer to a custom built website, but have new hosting for the site, new servers, etc., plus new email service. Please accept my sincere apologies for the bugs you encountered. I think they should be fixed now! QueenBee Debbie

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